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Tarot Table Layout
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Tarot Cards


3 Card Spread - $10

Ideal for a quick 'past present future' or "situation, influence solution" for getting some quick clarity on an issue of your choosing.

5 Card Spread -  $15

A more detailed reading which can give more information about your past present  and future as well as how your present is being influenced by your past and how your present is affecting your future. 

Celtic Cross (10 Cards) -  $30

A traditional spread which can help you to understand where you are on your current life path and can help uncover your mindset, past, present, and future information, what personal obstacles may be standing in the way of your dreams as well as some advice on how to address the situation.

Relationship (15 Cards) - $40


Helps you to understand the dynamics of a relationship, how your energies flow together, how you view each other and what hopes and fears you have for the relationship, what outside influences there are affecting things, and what the future of the relationship might hold.

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Rune Casting

3 Runes - $10

(Intuitively selected)

Similar to the tarot reading but this time using wooden picture disks for divination. These can give great clarity to pressing issues and are valuable either as a separate reading or a great add on to other tarot services.

5 Runes - $15
(Intuitively selected)

Extra runes means extra information. These can work in conjunction with cards or as a separate reading.


Rune Tossing - $20

All 13 runes are thrown and those which land upright are the specific messages relevant for you. The direction the runes fall is also relevant and when the runes are stacked on top of each other or touching those need to be read together for more context. It also creates a timeline depending on where they land on the table to show when these messages are relevant to you. 

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Pendulum Questions


3 Yes or No Questions - $10


Have some quick questions you need to know the answers to? The pendulum is a great way to consult and get clear yes or no answers to. 

Additional Questions $1 each.

I hour Ultimate Reading  


Full mixed reading with unlimited cards, runes and pendulum questions. - $60

This is a definite deep dive and detailed reading. We go where intuition takes us until you feel that your questions have been answered and you have a firm understanding of what the universe is trying to tell you. 

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Gift Certificates

Physical or Digital Gift Certificates are available in any amount and make great Birthday or Christmas presents for the person who has everything.

To purchase a gift certificate click here.


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